Conditions of participation


  1. The participants are obliged to respect strictly the age limit for each category (age limit reached till the day of competition).
  2. The participant is obliged to study and play one of the obligatory pieces for the first round of the competition and respect the top time limit for the optional piece in the second round.
  3. Detailed electronic entry form and confirmation of bank payment of application fee  70€ for active participation, resp. 35€ for passive participation (such as teachers, parents, etc.) is to be send online – the application form is available from 1st February 2022 on www.flautiada.skComplete registration for the competition will be fulfilled and accepted only after payment of the entry fee.

The application fee is not refundable with the exception of  of cancellation of the competition by the organizer Recommendation: due to the precarious pandemic situation, we recommend that you pay the fee just before the deadline.

The deadline for both documents is 30th April 2022

After this date no further applications will be accepted.

Contact e- mail:

Contact persons:

  • Ivica Gabrišová +421 915 754604
  • Janka Jámborová +421 902 676019
  • Matúš Krnáč +421 908 176798

Bank connection:

Bank: TATRA BANKA , a. s. ,  name of the account: FLAUTIADA
account number: IBAN SK74 1100 0000 0026 2822 5036
bank code: Tatra banka 1100, BIC (SWIFT) TATRSKBX
notification of the payment: name of the competitor and amount

Qualified pianists can be provided for the competition – the fee 35€ will include one 30 minutes rehearsal before each round.,  5 minutes acoustic rehearsal in the concert hall and the stage performance.
Competitors can provide their own piano accompaniment at their own expense, in such case however the 35€ passive fee is to be paid.
All competition fees will be used to provide organization expenses of the competition including rehearsal rooms, meals and refreshment.
Traveling and accommodation costs are to be carried by the participants and their own accompanists themselves, the reasonably priced possibilities of accomodation available in Banská Bystrica will be recommended by the organizers later.