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The Flautiada Civic Association was founded in 2009 as an effort and initiative of a group of teachers and fans of the transverse flute with the aim of quality education and promotion of flute playing in Slovakia. It was founded as a reaction to the constant lack of information about new teaching methods and the need to confront the work of pupils and their teachers in the field of international competition.
The Flautiada brings together teachers, flutists, students, and fans of flute playing. The association's initiatives include the organisation of professional seminars and workshops for students and teachers, the preparation of concerts and events that contribute to the dissemination of quality flute playing in Slovakia.
The priority and main activity of OZ Flautiada is especially the preparation and organization of the international competition Flautiada, which is intended for young flutists up to 26 years of age.


Ivica Gabrišová


The chairwoman of OZ Flautiada is doc. Mag. art. art. Ivica Gabrišová, ArtD. During her studies at the Mozarteum University she gained extensive experience in flute playing, under the guidance of prof. Michael Kofler and became a member of the orchestral academy of the Munich Philharmonic. She mainly performs chamber music, but also as a soloist with the orchestras Cappella Istropolitana, Presburger Philharmonie, the orchestra of the State Opera Banská Bystrica, Junge Filharmonie Salzburg, and others. She teaches flute at the Church Conservatory in Bratislava and the Academy of Arts in Banská Bystrica.

Marta Braunsteinerová


The soul of Flautiada and the author of the idea to organize such a competition was Mgr. Marta Braunsteinerová, a long-time professor of flute playing at the Bratislava Conservatory and member of the Slovak National Theatre Opera Symphony Orchestra and the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra. During her artistic and pedagogical experience, she has trained several excellent players on this instrument who have been successful as soloists and members of renowned orchestras all over the world.



CA Flautiada
Pod Lipovým 5302/47, 84107 Bratislava – Devínska Nová Ves, Slovakia
Ivica Gabrišová
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